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About Us

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Loving Life Boutique connects with the woman looking to wake up everyday with the desire to put her best foot forward.   I work really hard to bring new exciting pieces each week and as we continue to grow more and more will be offered.  I want to have options that fit into different categories of your world from playing with the kids, sleeping in late on a Sunday, heading to the gym, work and then that hot date you waited all week for.  Just know every piece that’s selected is with care and making sure that quality is best!!  


Hi!! I am Lauren Richmond the vision and CEO of Loving Life LLC. I am a wife to my best friend and mother to our two teenage daughters. I’ve spent many years trying to find my niche and today you’re here because I never gave up looking and searching for it, Years and years ago I started a fashion blog to showcase self-love and dressing the part, my vision took a different spin for a while as I focused on health and fitness. As life came together and my love for fashion became stronger than ever I decided to truly follow my dreams and opened up my own boutique.

As a kid, I used to always sketch designs, play with outfits, layer pieces of clothing together to make what I had into multiple outfits.

Fashion has ALWAYS been something that I’ve loved.

As a child, one of my favorite things was playing with a paper doll fashion set and colored pencils. I would spend hours designing my own styles. I was lucky enough to have such an amazingly talented Mom who would do her best and sew them for me. She started my love for this. With her amazing 80s style and never-ending belief in me.

I thought of being a designer, but it just didn’t line up. However, the fashion bug never left.

While I’m not the designer I certainly dive deep into finding the best pieces for my customers. If I wouldn’t wear it I won’t buy it.

Quality is so important to me along with providing styles that will last thru many seasons of change.

I hope you find that your purchases bring you comfort and love along with the empowerment to walk a little taller loving life and the outfits you wear living it.

Thank you for supporting this small business and my dream.

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