New Year-New Moon-New Day Kit

New Year-New Moon-New Day Kit

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Ever have those days, weeks, months, years where you just need a reset a refresh.

We created this kit to do that for your mind and space.

Clearing the air or energy that no longer serves us, manifesting abundance, peace, positivity while being grateful for the ability to honor our space in this world and knowing we are enough that we deserve to change what we do not like.

This kit includes:

Sage Bundle, Mini Selenite Tower, Tiger Eye Stone, Rose Quartz bracelet, Evil Eye Charm made by Unique By Cynthia, Chill Out Intentional Candle Tea Light, Dried Floral Selenite Wand, Abalone Smudge Bowl, Decorative Glass Star ornament along with wish paper to set your intentions and set out to light and watch your wishes head to the heavens.

Choose to use this kit however you wish, our intentions in curating this kit was for you to find its purpose in clearing our whatever doesn’t serve you well and to manifest a beautiful powerful life filled with love, positivity and knowing you are capable of anything.

Pennyroyal Sage Bundle-harvested in Southern Oregon, pennyroyal is known for protection, draw in good energy and creating a positive space where negative is warded off.

Mini Selenite Tower originated from Morocco

A powerful cleansing tool to keep in your home, office, or sacred space, the Selenite Tower is a powerful energy tool that constantly cleanses, clears, and protects your environment. Place a glowing Selenite Tower anywhere in your home or office to instantly uplift the space with the incredibly energizing effects of this illuminated version of 'liquid light.'

Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger’s Eye can help transform toxic feelings into more positive ones. It may assist you in changing your perspective to view obstacles as challenges rather than setbacks. This gemstone will empower you to move past fear and build up your courage. Tiger’s Eye helps you remember that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

This stone fills the heart with love, nourishment, comfort, and healing by eliminating resentments, fears, worries, and sorrows.

Evil Eye 14k Gold Charm

The evil eye is supposed to protect you. It is like a lucky charm, and it is probably, the origin of all lucky charms. It protects you from negative energy and could even help with other areas of your life

Chill out Intentional Candle

I think we could all use a little extra self-care and relaxation these days. Light your candle with the intention of creating peace and bringing in warm energy while releasing the negativity of the past. These soy/vegan tealights are made with high-quality essential oils, including lavender and lemon.

Dried Floral Selenite Wand

Place the stone anywhere you want to Emanate Positive Energy. Selenite dispels negative energy and creates a Calm Atmosphere. It is associated with the moon and is great for moon rituals. **Selenite** derives from the Greek Goddess Selene - the Goddess of the Moon. *Selenite* is also known to cleanse your Aura, you can literally use this stone as an eraser, hold the stone a few inches from your body and move it around like you would an eraser, to dispel negative energy and recharge with positive energy. Selenite is also a wonderful tool for cleansing and recharging your other Crystals.

Abalone Smudge Shell

Abalone healing carries energies of protection and emotional balance. It brings with it a natural shielding that blesses the person holding it with tranquility. Abalone healing is especially helpful for those going through emotional turmoil.

Mini glass bottle filled with matches with striker on the base.

Monrovian Stained Glass Sun Catcher Ornament

Each Star is Handmade Beautiful SunCatcher that reflects vivid color string up and hang from a window to catch the rays and bring color to your world.

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