Stacked IN 30in Necklace
Stacked IN 30in Necklace
Stacked IN 30in Necklace

Stacked IN 30in Necklace

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Stacked Amazonite Stones encompassed in the full circle of Gold. 

This 30 inch necklace represents the balancing act of life and that when stacked calmy and patiently it all balances out, where this necklace as a reminder to slow down, stay steady and it will all balance out in the end. 

"The art of stone stacking, It just requires that you sit and do it for a minute—to pause long enough that you are allowing these two things to find a balance. There is something very meaningful about pausing for a while and paying attention to create these little monuments." Katy Kelleher National Geographic Magazine 

14k gold filled chain, amazonite stones. 

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