Hello From Lauren

Hey there!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

I am Lauren, the founder and owner of Loving Life Boutique. Mama to 2 beautiful young women and wife to an incredible husband. You’ll find me most likely with coffee in hand, asking for a hug and sharing my love for all things pretty.

I founded LLB on the idea of giving ALL women a place to shop together for quality clothing, beautiful jewelry, accessories and shoes. Most importantly I wanted to create a HOME for YOU to breathe and be yourself.

I am a woman who understands sizing needs as someone who has ranged from a 28 to a 8/10 I get it. I understand shape, curves and all the edges that we want to be able to feel comfortable in AND look beautiful.

I started online in my house late 2018 after an inspiring trip to Nashville that left my pocket fuller then I wanted when shopping in boutique after boutique but only finding a few pieces as most places went to size large aka (schmedium), when I decided after encouragement from some pretty amazing women to just LEAP.

So I did. 

I look forward to meeting you, serving you and learning from you.

Love, Lauren

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